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"I care more about the people my students become than the scores on the tests they take."

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Who am I? 

Meet Kimberly Jacobs, Special Educator and intervention specialist

I am special educator.

I have been in education over 32 years. Fifteen were as a general education teacher in grades three to eight. When I made the move to special education, I found my place.

I believe...

All kids do learn. Everything that was not an instinct when they were born, has been learned. How to communicate, create and where they see themselves in the this world.  The key is finding strategies that work for each child.

I am currently...

Currently, my job is pull out and push for support for students with IEPs in grades five to eight.  My days are spent working with general education teachers, completing IEP paperwork, managing behavior plans and of course teaching.

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Teacher Testimonials

Kimberly has been such a life-saver over the past three years.  She has helped me with IEP planning and writing.  The first year I reviewed all my IEP baselines, goals and services with her.  It helped me know why it was a good plan and the way she words things made it easy for me to be confident at IEP meetings with parents,

Kimberly has helped me when working with the staff at my school to avoid unnecessary trouble.  If she doesn’t have an idea she goes the extra mile to find the answer.  But, most of all, she is direct and funny.  If I call on her with a question she takes the time to answer and I always end up laughing.  She made my first years as a teacher so much better than if I had gone it alone.

Nhu Ngyen
Mild Moderate, Special Education Teacher
Tracy, California

I believe Special Education is putting into practice the idea that all children can learn, while knowing they don’t all learn in the same way. Kimberly Jacobs

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