My message for Intervention Teachers

My message for Intervention Teachers

Any adult who helps a child that is struggling is an intervention teacher. My job title is Resource Specialist. Having taught general education for fifteen years, I decided to move into special education where I could have a greater impact with students on the edge of giving up.

Children want to be loved, safe and happy. I spend my days working with them on hard tasks in a way they feel cared about, safe enough to try and successful at tasks so they can be happy. Too often I meet students after they feel worthless and incapable. I know I am not the only one. So, through this site and community connections (Facebook etc.) I hope that we, the adults, can support one another in sharing what works and celebrating success. After all, all kids really can learn and deserve to feel success.

There are great lessons available for you, if you just need the “stuff”. But if you are struggling to I am here to help. Maybe you need support in how to get “it” all done. Possibly you don’t know what to do when the classroom seems out of control. It could be you are feeling incapable and need some strategies as well. Not to worry, I got you.

Find me at TpT or on facebook so we can, and I mean this sincerely, make the world a better place with happy students and effective happy intervention teachers. Talk to you soon, Kimberly

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